Casting the First Stone

On 22 June 1996, in Wundee...

Sophy said:

I mean Rose and DL are very lovely beings,
but I certainly wouldn't cast sheeps eyes at them, like I would at Rex,
Arthur, Feste or Joel....

On 23 June 1996, the Original Dancing Bear replied:

Ummm...Sophy?  Ya think you could confine yourself to casting baseballs
or basketballs?  Sheeps eyes?  Is that supposed to be friendly or 
reassuring or something?  Hey, I'm open minded, I just don't understand

On 25 June 1996, I said:

Uh, speaking as one of the people Sophy says she would cast sheeps eyes 
at... as odd as that may be, I do *not* think *baseballs* are an 

Joel T. (Unless she were to warn me first, of course)

On 25 June 1996, ODB replied:'s just that baseballs don't have to be refrigerated.  I mean,
if it were wintertime, it might not matter so much...

And on 29 June 1996, I accused:

Yeah, if it were winter you'd probably tell her to cast curling stones 
at me...

Joel T.