Mint Toothpicks

Date: 1998/08/26 

Madeleine wrote:
> : That's great for people who can afford the "deluxe" meal. I've been getting
> : by using the free toothpicks they put near the cash register.

The Duck replied:
>  You WHAT!!! eat them ??? but but but but they are meant to tickle your
> creative mind into building little stick-models and stick-dolls while
> waiting for your fastfood to accelerate.
>  Far to many people regard their toys as food in public places. Stop eating
> your toys and play with yer food instead....
> 	the (Craftsmanship Division) Duck

High school, junior year; I was at a restaurant in Madison with a group
of friends (about 10 of them, actually). When we were leaving, one girl
saw a bowl of mints at the register and started passing them out, but
there were only a few left... not enough to go around. One guy in the
group, Petrov, was disappointed by this; then he noticed a jar of
individually-wrapped toothpicks, took one, and said hopefully, "Maybe
*these* are mint-flavored."

About a minute later, as most of us were waiting outside for a couple
people who hadn't left yet (bathroom, probably), Petrov walks out;
"Hey, these *are* mint toothpicks! You just have to *chew* on them for
a while!"

Joel T.