Top Cat

Date: 24 Nov 1999

"Crosswell" wrote:
> Hello All
> I am looking for a crack or the full program of AuthorIT 2.0.

I used to fight AuthoriT; AuthoriT always won. I can't imagine why
a 2nd version is necessary, unless it's inferior. You'd be better
off sticking with crack.

> I really am looking for this program and I will trade for a wide variety of
> programs (I have FTP and you can have a full LEECH account on it)
> Please E-mail me if you have it thanks
> Top Cat

I used to have a top cat. I wore it whenever I went to a fancy
ball, with tuxedo vest, diamond stickpin, ivory cane, the works.
But it tended to spoil the effect; it's hard to look dignified
with a cat on your head.

Joel T.