The China Manufacturer

Date: 6 Feb 2000 

 "wkhon" wrote:
> China Manufacturer Looking for US Alliance.

And yet, below, you claim that you manufacture watches, not china.

 > Dear Online Shop Operator,
We know you have been so successfully operating your online business.

We know when you've been bad or good, too.

is a another good chance for you to earn additional profit without
additional investment and at no risk.

We are a Hong Kong company, making quality and stylish watches in

Only one or the other, though. Watches with both quality and style
are beyond our capacity.

are looking for Alliance to market our products on the internet. You don't
need to stock our products first. All you need to do is upload our product
images on your online shop. Whenever you have order coming in, you just take
the order and place the order at our online store, then we will drop ship
the products directly to the customers and YOU EARN 30% PROFIT WITH $0

1) We try never to have order come in. Order scares us. It takes too
much effort to maintain.
2) Drop shipping only works when you have gravity to help you. Hong
Kong, unfortunately, is right at sea level.
3) Selling $14 watches for $20 is, in fact, a 43% profit.

Our suggested retail price of our watches are US$19.99 (Normal retail
US$25), shipping & handling charges all inclusive. Yet you just need to pay
for US$13.99 at the time when you order from our site. Further more, we only
invite well respected online shop operator to become our Alliance.

Such as people you find through random Usenet postings, for example.

Since you are already a successful online marketer, you just need to focus
on sales & marketing, and we will handle all manufacturing and logistics for
you. You will earn extra profit with $0 additional investment.
Should you have any questions, please let us know.

How many time zones do your watches come equipped with?
If I'm unsatisfied with the time I receive, can I exchange it for
a new one?
If, when using your watch, I'm late for an appointment, will I be
able to get a full refund?
What languages does your watch tell the time in?
Will your watch grant me the capability to travel through time?
Will your watch grant me three wishes?
What do the little and the big lines that move around in a circle
Can I have a free watch?
What do your watches watch?
How can I tell if your watches are lying to me?
What kind of el cheapo garbage are you selling, anyway?
Do your watches have secret compartments for suicide pills?
How many flavors do your watches come in?
Do I have to take off your watch at night?
How many of your watches would it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Can I have a free watch?
Can I, pretty please?

We will arrange a


executive to call you to explain the arrangements in more details. You may
also visit our store at to learn more.
Happy online selling, Ada Wong, VP of Sales 

But I'm not Ada Wong. And I'm not VP of sales. You got the wrong
man, man.

Joel T.