Laird of Glencairn

Date: 18 Oct 2000 

>   "fReEsTyLeR xx" wrote:
> > You can become a really nobility by owning
> > a plot in scotland. Call yourself
> > " Laird of Glencairn" and be proud to belong
> > to the scotsh aristocracy !!!

Madeleine replied: 
> I can just hear the derisive laughter of my co-workers when I start
> calling myself the "Laird of Glencairn"

Especially since 'Laird of Glencairn' seems to mean "Lord of a heap
of rocks in a valley." Notice he didn't say how big the plots in
Scotland actually were.

> --Madeleine
> And what title did you choose for y'self, m'lord?

I choose "Laird of Glencairncorpse", the lord of what's under the heap
of rocks in a valley.

Joel T.