Cooking Chocolate Frogs

Date: 11 Jan 2001 
The Scarlet Manuka, in response to a comment by Rob~ about
Natalie Imbruglia, wrote:
> >Nah, I don't think she's ever done a song about cooking 
chocolate frogs.
Danny Bean replied: > it's all in the symbolism. The symbolism of cooking chocolate frogs? Hmmm... ------- Sylvia was surprised when the frog hopped through her window. After all, it wasn't open. Shards of glass tinkled onto the sink. "MOOOOOM! Nick won't let me change the channel!" With deceptive calmness, Sylvia grasped the meat tenderizer and brought it down upon the frog. It lay there dead, its limbs splayed into a rough cross. "MOOOOOM! Ben's hogging all the Doritos again!" Unsure whether it was still alive or not, Sylvia continued striking the frog, her vigor increasing with each blow. "MOOOOOM! Tell Nick to stop hitting me!" After setting some confectioner's chocolate on the stove to melt, Sylvia grasped the frog at both ends and began stretching the pliable, tenderized frog into an elongated, cigar-like shape. Checking its softness, she stroked her finger slowly yet firmly down the side of the frog. "MOOOOOM! Ben's making gross noises!" Removing a cleaver from the drawer, Sylvia brought it down sharply upon the cigar-shaped frog and began chopping it into segments. She placed the segments on a tray and slid them into the oven. "MOOOOOM! Tell Nick I wasn't adopted!" A little while later, Sylvia went into the room where her children were watching TV, bearing a platter and smiling sweetly. "Oh, kids! I've baked up some nice chocolate treats for you!" --- Joel T. dang. I done gone and disgusted myself.