Date: 24 Feb 2001

Joe wrote:
>>Good for you.
>>But How is this going to affect your planning for the Pokefest?

Rob~ replied:
>Good point. We're already at least two months behind schedule.

As official representative of the Pokefest Planning Committee, I am
at liberty to release the following information about the event:

The main room of the fest shall consist of a multitude of booths,
each dedicated to a specific aspect of poking. There will be a booth
dedicated to each part of the body that can possibly be poked, as well
as some body parts that can only be poked under special conditions.
There will be booths for hard pokes, soft pokes, team pokes, poking
contests, tool-aided pokes, special poking techniques, inter-gender,
same-gender, and inter-species pokes, et cetera. By going booth to 
booth, a festival-goer may experience the entire range of poking
possibilities. Of course, while many will welcome the variety, we
realize that poking (or being poked) in the same way, beyond the point
of reason, also has its charms, so we will be providing Repetitious
Poking booths as well.

The most highly-anticipated exhibit is the Infinite Poke ring. Infinite
Poking is an advanced technique where a team of highly-trained pokers,
by poking a person in specific ways, force them to move in certain
directions, where another poker is waiting. Skilled practitioners can
make their subject stagger back and forth in a wide variety of artistic
patterns. Our Infinite Poke team will select a subject from among the
festival-goers on the first day of the Fest and poke him or her into
the Infinite Poke Ring, where they will be kept for the entire fest.

Adjacent to the main hall is the Rumpus Room, where attendees may go
to try out their poking techniques amongst themselves in relative
quiet. A hallway beyond the Rumpus Room gives access to dozens of
small rooms, where people may retire to for private poking sessions.

Remember: although we have set aside a specific space for amateur
pokers to practice amongst themselves, this does NOT mean that fest
attendees aren't encouraged to poke anybody they meet in the main
hall, as well!

The final day of the Pokefest is the Poke Royale. All exhibits will
be cleared from the floor; all present will be issued protective
eyewear. When all attendees have been gathered together in the main
hall, the lights will be turned off, a horn will sound, and the
poking will begin!

And in addition to everything which I've just described, Mad has
arranged for a number of surprises which will be occurring throughout
the festival. Naturally, I am not allowed to reveal them yet. But I
think I can safely tell you that they will involve poking.

So make sure to reserve your tickets as soon as we decide when the
Pokefest will be held. We don't think you'll want to miss it.

Joel T.