I was recently looking at the folder where I keep all the odd
articles & clippings I've run across over the last couple 
years. (The Book of Rubble, I call this folder. The folder 
calls me Joel.) Here are some of the highlights;

1- a letter-to-the-editor published in the local paper;
"Recently, senior citizens were offered the opportunity of a 
Sunday afternoon ride on mostly rural roads, sponsored by a 
local bank in Ozaukee County.
  As we toured the beautiful green countryside, we couldn't 
help but notice the many rusty mailboxes along the way.
  It only takes a little time and paint to restore. I think 
of the mail carriers who have to deliver six days a week to 
these rusty boxes.
  Next time you pick up your mail, notice how your mailbox 

2- a flyer advertising the following event;
Celebrate the Harley-Davidson 95th anniversary and the 100th
anniversary of Central Library

Emcee Harley-Davidson historian Marty Rosenblum and biker 

3- a story written for a school newsletter by a 2nd-grader;
"The Golden Goose

I saw a golden goose. Everybody wanted a feather. So when 
they touched the goose they would stick like glue. The father, 
sisters, and the king stuck to the goose. They didn't stick 
to the goose with their shoes. They went over bumpy rocks. 
And the goose was wearing socks. They almost flopped over a 
hill. Everybody was clever. There were less people stuck to 
the goose. All of the people almost tripped over each others 
legs. you have to hold the goose Hans. The goose was hiding 
behind big gray rocks."

4- from a local museum's pamphlet, describing the exhibit of 
a 'Boatswain's Chair';
"See how our city's founders outsmarted gravity to build a 
great city."

5- from a newsletter describing a bank merger, these are 
several of the points listed under the heading "Why the 
Merger Works";
"-Strong execution skills and platform across the new 
   business mix
 -Immediate accretion with conservative synergies"

And, my personal favorite,

6- from a pamphlet advertising one of the least significant 
outposts of the University of Wisconsin system;
"Approaching Infinity:
 The Demise of Time and Space through Distance Education

While most of us understand that there is no limit to the 
amount of knowledge we could pursue, we usually feel the 
pinch in time, space, and energy. With the marriage of 
education and technology, the first two barriers are 
developing holes to climb through in our search to know more.
   Urged by the Governor and the UW System, UW-Waukesha has
adopted distance education (DE), as it is called in the 
jargon, and to date it comes in four forms, two with some 
years of practice and two just getting started. Each finds a 
different way to lasso lessons from multiple sources and 
bring them to classrooms and computers in all corners of 

Joel T.