8500 Pound Power Wench

I have an article written by Richard Lederer about humorous
typos which have appeared in print in various places. Here 
be the list:

-"An in-debt discussion of the new tax laws is available by
 using the order blank in the tax return package or by 
 calling 1-800-424-3676."
-"Gordie Jefferson celebrated his birthday last week with a
 party for eight little fiends."
-"A catafalque is a coffin draped in black crap."
-"He received his graduate degree in unclear physics."
-"And during the current fiscal year, Kinney plans to 
 increase the number of uninformed sergeants by 14, making 
 a total of 42."
-"The commander had a firm but genital hold on his men."
-"The conference's attitude was indicated by the almost
 total lack of applause after Mr. Wilson's 30-minute speech
 while Engineering Union leader Bryan Stanley was greeted
 with sustained crapping when he put the anti-common market
-"Catholic nuns of the Mission of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,
 with a television success behind them and Mother Superior 
 Carlotta at the guitar, are bidding here for fame and 
 fortune in the pope charts."
-"Enjoy our breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean which
 is eliminated by our special lighting at night."
-"Playboy Enterprises estimates that removing ornamental
 pants from its offices will save $27,000 a year."
-"It is said that there are more golf curses per square
 mile in North Carolina than anywhere else in the world."
-"Busy lawyer seeks alert young woman to serve as
-"Successful widower, aged 44, usual trappings, nonsmoker
 with varied interests, seeks affectionate female to shave
 the enjoyable things in life."
-"Feeling tired and lustless?"
-"Hot males delivered to your home in minutes."
-"The welcoming reception for all delegates will begin at
 8 p.m. Hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served. Souses
 are welcome."
-"She says she wants this store and all others selling
 pornography barred because such material is contrary to
 Judo-Christian values."
-"Found: One white rabbi with brown ears. Found hopping
 down 3rd avenue."
-In front of a Dearborn, Michigan church: "Millions long
 for immorality and don't know what to do on a rainy day."
-"Throughout the day there will be hands-on craft
 sexhibits and entertainment at various locations around
 the State House."
-"Happy Valley Kennel Club held their September meeting at
 Scuffey's Restaurant in Plattsburg. Several members
 exhibited their dongs at the Stanley Kennel Club A Match."
-"Fed Up With High Heating Bills? Will McBain Complete
 Hating Specialists"
-"FOR SALE: 8500 Pound Power Wench and a queen size
-"Jason Thompson, who had four RBIs in August, four in
 September and one homer since July 26, smashed a blast
 off a poet high in the upper deck for his grand slam."
-"Senator George McGovern of South Dakota, also
 campaigning for the primary, appealed for the votes of
 blue-colored workers in Milwaukee."
-"Alexander Hamilton was George Washington's closet
-"David Cone's one-hitter was all but overshadowed by his
 rookie teammate'shitting."
-"He is a charismatic speaker and a major farce in
-"Texatron is to get 1,500,000 via the Northern Ireland
 Office to keep the textiles and carpet yarn factory open
 for another seven moths."
-"The award, $5,000 and a plague, is presented each year to
 a scientist or engineer for scientific achievement and for
 contributions to the advancement of knowledge."
-"Debris from the collapse of the Harbor Freeway bride
 caused a huge traffic jam about 10 miles south of downtown
 Los Angeles."
-"From September 17. The Fabulous New Production of
-"ON THIS DATE: In 1870 Ada H. Kepley of Effingham,
 Illinois, became America's first female."
-"EXTERMINATING: We are trained to kill all pets."
-"Porpoises converse in complicated patterns of whistles,
 clivkd,sdsvsn mimiu dpokra lsnushrd."